TASCAM 388: Interviews with Joe Bailey and Jake Aylward (Punch Studios, Ipswich)

In Summer 2019, Jack Rundell and the Haunted New Builds went to Punch Studios , Ipswich, to record our debut EP No Atmosphere (At My Party) .  We'd chosen Punch so that we could record on their Tascam 388, an 8-track analogue tape-machine from 1985.  In this post, I give some backstory and some reflections on the session, accompanied by photos taken by Ben Brown and Tom Armstrong. Then there are interviews with Joe Bailey, owner of Punch Studios and Jake Aylward, who sound-engineered the recordings.  [JUST HERE FOR THE INTERVIEWS? SCROLL DOWN!] *** Recording wasn't on our agenda when we formed Jack Rundell and the Haunted New Builds. We wanted to keep things light and easy, and recording represented a heavy commitment. However, Ben Brown (HNBs' drummer) had other ideas. With eyes wide and fingers a-flutter, he described how he’d attended a Tascam 388 recording session at Punch and how great it was. He explained that the 388 was an all-in-one multi-track recorder, the first